Urban Easter sunrise

Early in the morning twelve of us meet in the park at the centre of a high-rise block of council- housing. I say park, but there is little green space. Most of it is paved over for skateboarding or swings and slides. The motorway is our boundary on the north-side and a busy dual carriageway to the east. Around the park small ‘corner shops’ are opening up. We greet each other, we sing, we read about the women who discovered that

‘ He is not here. He has risen ‘

and we pray that those who surround us, who think we are talking ‘ nonsense ‘, will come to understand the meaning of what we seek to convey:
that ‘ the mystery hidden for long ages past ,is now revealed and made known…by the command of the eternal God , so that all nations might believe and obey Him.’ Romans 16:24-26

2 thoughts on “Urban Easter sunrise

  1. Just reading Red Moon Rising it suggests that our story is about “what can happen when ordinary people dare to dream extraordinary dreams, responding recklessly to the whispered invitations of God.” For me Easter results in extraordinary dreams for all nations!

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