Access Denied?

I’ve been thinking on the theme of access recently and how access to all sorts of services and opportunities is blocked either through the circumstances one finds oneself in, lack of imagination by providers, incompetence of staff or unpreparedness of representatives.
A single parent, reaching the language proficiency for an advanced English course cannot the take advantage of the only courses on offer as they are held in the evening when she has sole responsibility for her child. Her personal circumstances, along with the lack of flexible delivery by the provider have resulted in access to further education being denied her.
A friend, very able and desperately keen to develop new professional skills so that she can get a job and contribute to society is barred from enrolling on the course most suitable for her because a bureaucrat both gave her the wrong information and then forgot to register my friend so that her name doesn’t appear on the system. Thus, through the carelessness of another she is faced with denial of access to the opportunity she needs which would be a first and very positive step in lifting her out of poverty.
Parents at a local community school are offered the opportunity of English language support but they cannot access it as the link worker – who shares their background – has been too tardy in making the necessary room and childcare arrangements and the deadline for acceptance of the offer passes. The community of non-native English speakers misses out as a result of the lack of interest and proper representation by one of their own.
Somebody asks me ‘Who is Issa?’ I hesitate and stumble over words which I have practised saying before but now seem to come out in a jumble. How easy has my muddled response made it for my hearer to access Truth? Have I been careless in preparation? Am I making what is essentially a relationship of love too complicated, boundaried and inflexible? Is there a danger that I get in the way by poorly representing Him?
Thank God that although He graciously chooses to use us to speak of Him it is not through our efforts that there is access for all to the Father but rather, through the Son and by the Spirit. ‘Having been reconciled to God we now have access to the Father….’ Ephes. 2:18

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