Waiting at the crossing for the lights to change a man extends his hand in greeting: : “Good morning.”                                                                                                                 I return his handshake and respond in like manner.
Suddenly his face darkens and his demeanour changes to one of aggression.              He punches me in the arm and shouts: “Do you wanna fight?”                                         I assure him that I don’t.                                                                                                  With his face right up to mine he breathes: “Asalaam alaikum”                                Somewhat shaken and not a little fearful I step back and away and call out:                   “Alaikum asalaam” ”                                                                                                          He waves at me good-naturedly.                                                                                    The fug of trauma                                                                                                             with which so many in our cities are plagued                                                                has lifted…for now.





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